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Health Guarantee

Pug Puppies Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

When you bring home your Pug puppy from Champion Pug Kennels, you can be assured of their good health for one whole year thanks to our health guarantee. Our Pug puppies come with their current vaccine report and de-worming schedule, ensuring that they are well-protected from any potential health risks. 

We only sell our puppies to loving and qualified buyers who can provide a secure and caring home for these adorable companions. We take immense pride in the quality of our Pugs and never compromise on their lineage. 

Our Pug puppies are sourced from the best possible background, whether it is inside or outside the show ring. We conduct extensive research to avoid any genetic issues that may arise, thereby ensuring that you receive a healthy and happy Pug puppy. 

Though any dog can be susceptible to diseases, we take utmost care to maintain the excellent health of our Pugs. With our careful breeding practices, we have successfully avoided most of the health issues that Pugs can face.

Our Pug puppies and parents have never experienced any health problems, and we strive to maintain this standard. This not only benefits our puppies but also gives you added confidence and peace of mind when you buy a Pug puppy from us. 

We offer the best quality Pug puppies on a limited basis and provide references if needed.

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