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Pug Puppies for Sale in California

Best Pug Puppies for Sale in California 2024​

Considering Purchasing a Purebred Dog? You’ve Come to The Right Place!

We, at Champion Pug Kennels in California, have been raising pugs with a passion for rare colored pugs. Our puppies are part of the family, and we focus on making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible. We strive to breed the best animals we can from black to white pug puppies in California, educate their owners, and ensure that these pugs get the love, care, and attention they deserve.

When it comes to our animals, we always breed responsibly and pay attention to minimizing any known hereditary diseases by having all our animals tested. We know that pugs for adoption in California can be sensitive. However, they are very devoted and make good watchdogs. This dog is not timid and is always friendly and playful, making it a great addition to your family.
Our pugs are always happy and cheerful and doexceptionally well around strangers, even children. We help by socializing them at an early age to get them used to people. Our team of professionals will even tell you how to maintain and bathe your pug along with what to feed it and what to avoid so that it stays healthy and happy. Black pug puppies for sale in California bring true joy from the moment they are born. Despite their tiny size, they have big hearts and love cuddles along with being always with their owners.
Pugs also need to be trained at an early age and our team will guide you towards what you need to do for your little puppy.

About California Pugs

Looking for a small, adorable, and unique companion in California? Discover the charm of Pugs at Champion Pug Kennels. Renowned for their wrinkled faces, playful antics, and unwavering loyalty, our Pugs bring warmth and companionship to any home. Find your perfect furry friend with us.



Great for Apartments




Easy to Groom


Good for Kids


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Coat Variety


Benefits of California Pug Pappies

Great for Small Homes

Pugs’ compact size and easygoing nature make them perfect for small homes, fitting snugly into any space while still bringing joy and companionship.

Absolutely Adorable

With their endearing expressions and lovable quirks, Pugs are undeniably adorable companions, melting hearts wherever they go with their irresistible charm.


Pugs are playful and full of energy, always ready to engage in games and antics that will keep you entertained and bring laughter to your home.

Great for Kids

Known for their gentle demeanor and sturdy build, Pugs are excellent playmates for children, offering endless hours of fun and companionship in a safe and loving environment.

Ready for Adventure

Despite their penchant for lounging, Pugs are always eager to embark on exciting adventures, whether it’s a stroll in the park or a road trip with their beloved family.


With their easygoing temperament and eagerness to please, Pugs make ideal pets for first-time dog owners, requiring minimal grooming and training while offering maximum love and loyalty.

Reliable And Professional Pug Adoption Services

Champion pug kennels in Florida comes with a professionally trained, skilled and knowledgeable team that has all the experience and expertise to help you adpt your Pug, along with any issues and wil take you through each step. We always prefer to meet our clients and understand their requirements so that we can guide them to the right puppy thet will form an integral bond and become part of the family. We will even advise you on which food, pet-friendly products, and techniques to use to keep your pugs coat healthy and shiny  along with make sure they receive personal care and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Champion Pug Kennels is a trusted name in California for breeding healthy, well-socialized Pugs with a focus on temperament and quality.
Absolutely! We offer adorable and healthy Pug puppies for sale, raised with love and care in our serene environment at Champion Pug Kennels.

While we primarily focus on breeding, we support Pug adoption through local rescues and shelters. Contact us for guidance on finding a Pug for adoption.

Yes, we occasionally have black Pug puppies available. Check our current litter or contact us for updates on available black Pug puppies.
Our priority is the health and well-being of our Pug puppies. While our prices reflect the quality of care and breeding, we ensure fair pricing for our beloved companions.
White Pugs are rare but occasionally appear in our litters. Reach out to us for information on the availability of white Pug puppies in California.
Absolutely! We welcome visits by appointment to meet our adorable Pug puppies and witness firsthand the loving environment they are raised in. Contact us to schedule your visit.

If you are looking for cheap pug puppies for sale in California, Champion Pug Kennels is your go-to source for the best pug puppies. We have professionally trained and skilled staff that care properly for our puppies and take care of their needs. They will also help you with any kind of issue as well as take you through each step of adoption.

For the best and most trusted pug puppy adoption, Champion Pug Kennels can help you get the perfect addition to your family quickly and seamlessly.

Just give us a call at 763-260-4177 or contact us today for available puppies and our team can help you find your furry best friend and give them their forever home.

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