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Best Pug Puppies for Sale in Las Vegas 2024

Find Your Fur ever Friend with Champion Pug Kennels

At Champion Pug Kennels we have been breeding registered fawn pug puppies for sale for many years. We love our puppies and being able to bring the same joy to your family. Our puppies are raised in a social setting so that they can mix with other dogs, and people, and even get potty trained before they go to their forever home.

Pugs are adventurous dogs that love being with their owners and will steal your heart and keep you laughing. In Las Vegas, our team of professionals will offer you exceptional pug puppies that are the ideal match for your family. Whether you want to chill at home on the couch, go for a walk, or even relax in the garden, your pug will be right by your side.

These social animals are gentle, playful, and make excellent guard dogs. We are vetted breeders and most of our clientele come to us owing to our reputation for being safe and verified. We make sure that we meet our clients before putting up pug puppies for sale in Las Vegas. This enables us to understand your needs and unique requirements to help you find your ideal fur baby.

We strive to provide loving homes with the best fur babies, and we can assure you that you will have no regrets taking home one of our sweet, playful, and loyal puppies. Each of our puppies and their parents are cared for and looked after. We even see to it that they are medicated and played with so that they are happy and healthy dogs.

About Las Vegas Pugs

Smart, adorable, and one-of-a-kind companions await in Las Vegas at Champion Pug Kennels. Our Pugs, famed for their endearing wrinkles, lively personalities, and steadfast devotion, infuse homes with joy and companionship. Embrace the allure of these delightful companions and discover your ideal furry friend with us.


Great for Apartments




Easy to Groom


Good for Kids


Cute Factor


Beginner Friendly


Beginner Friendly


Benefits of Las Vegas Pug Pappies

Great for Small Homes

Pugs' compact size makes them perfect for cozy living spaces, bringing joy and companionship to any small home.

Absolutely Adorable

With their charming wrinkles and playful demeanor, Pugs are absolutely adorable companions that capture hearts effortlessly.


Pugs are renowned for their playful antics and love for silliness, ensuring endless fun and laughter for their owners.

Great for Kids

With their gentle nature and sturdy build, Pugs make wonderful companions for children, fostering lasting bonds and cherished memories.

Ready for Adventure

Despite their love for lounging, Pugs are always eager for exciting escapades, making them ideal partners for outdoor adventures.


Known for their easygoing temperament and eagerness to please, Pugs are perfect for novice dog owners seeking a gentle and adaptable companion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Champion Pug Kennels offers adorable Pug puppies for sale in Las Vegas, renowned for their health and temperament.

Absolutely! Explore our selection of charming Pug puppies for sale in Las Vegas, bred with care and affection.

Look no further than Champion Pug Kennels for reputable Pug breeders in Las Vegas, dedicated to producing healthy and sociable Pugs.

While we primarily offer Pug puppies for sale, occasionally we may have Pugs available for adoption in Las Vegas. Contact us for current availability.

We specialize in standard Pugs, but our Pug puppies for sale in Las Vegas come in various sizes, including smaller ones.

Yes, Champion Pug Kennels occasionally offers black Pugs for sale in Las Vegas, each one as charming and lovable as the next.

Absolutely! Schedule a visit to Champion Pug Kennels in Las Vegas to meet our adorable Pug puppies and learn more about our breeding program.

Secure And Expert Pug Adoption Services

Champion Pug Kennels comes with a professionally trained and knowledgeable team that has the necessary expertise and experience to help you adopt a pug. We help you with any issues in a pug for sale in Las Vegas and even offer a live chat if you have any issues. We will ensure that you get a happy and healthy puppy to take home with you.

We make sure that each customer gets the right pup that suits them, so don’t hesitate to contact us what you are looking for.

For the most trusted and reliable pug adoption service, Champion Pug Kennels can help you. You can even give us a call at 763-260-4177 if you would like an application for our current litter.

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